Ford 6.0/6.4L Single-Remote Bypass System

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I am one of the nations top seller of the AMSOIL Bypass kits. I’m actually re-doing the web page for all of these at the moment but I keep the kits in Sioux Falls then can ship next day to Omaha if you need one. It helps us keep costs down by not being overstocked. If you have questions on this Ford 6.0 unit please call me directly at 605-274-2580.

That truck can only use the single one but in many ways it’s the easiest to install with our aftermarket bracket.

Example of our Ford 6.0 Bypass filter bracket


BMK31 Installation and Servicing Instructions

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Ford 6.0/6.4L Single-Remote Bypass SystemPRODUCT DESCRIPTION

The Ea Bypass Oil Filter (EaBP) provides the best possible filtration protection against wear and oil degradation. Working in conjunction with the engine’s full-flow oil filter, the AMSOIL Ea Bypass Filter operates by filtering oil on a “partial-flow” basis. It draws approximately 10 percent of the oil pump’s capacity at any one time and traps the extremely small, wear-causing contaminants that fullflow filters can’t remove. The AMSOIL Ea Bypass Filter typically filters all the oil in the system several times an hour, so the engine continuously receives analytically clean oil.

Eliminates the soot which causes the majority of wear in the Ford 6.0. Using in conjuction with the HDD 5W-30 diesel oil you “bypass” serious heat, wear and performance problems as well as save time and money. Save your money with AMSOIL. No need to buy and mess with an oil cooler as well.


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