This oil has been AMSOIL’s big draw to the brand since it came out in 1976. Still regraded as the best choice for all non-DPF equipped diesel engines built before 2007 or any heavy duty diesel engine built before diesel particulate filters were mandated.

The AMSOIL 15W-40 Diesel & Marine (product code AME) is robust with powerful detergents and a higher more lasting ZDDP zinc formulation than competing oils and for your older work trucks you wish to keep within the fleet including those which have seen better days, this is the perfect choice. Compared to the most popular diesel oils out there, this one lasts three times longer and will not lose viscosity within that span (or 1-year whichever comes first).AMSOIL 15W-40 high zinc cj4 synthetic diesel oil

Years ago AMSOIL astonished fleet owners with the refuse truck fleet study showing the common Rotella lasting a solid 300 hours under severe service but the AMSOIL AME 15W-40 outlasted 900 hours w/o any change of viscosity and caused the 8000 hour overhaul to be skipped. The drivers all were impressed and trucks which didn’t get plugged into the block heaters were OK for starting the next morning (Test done in Duluth over all seasons). Drivers also noted the significant improvements in the hydraulic operation using AMSOIL’s best AW series multi-viscosity oil.

Should really be the best selling oil in the Omaha area for those who want to keep and preserve their diesel work trucks avoiding the newer models which are a fuel economy and service department nightmare.

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Use this link to discover more about our best seller and a choice to stock up on. AMSOIL AME 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel. Pricing also available at this link or visit the Omaha store for our in store specials.

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