Gasoline Stabilizer

Gasoline StabilizerFor maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness, equipment and vehicles used seasonally, such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, snowblowers, outboard motors and classic cars, need to start easily and run properly when removed from storage. Gasoline, however, is not formulated for long-term storage and can start to degrade in as little as 30 days. Degraded fuel leads to varnish and sludge that clog injectors, fuel lines and carburetors; stick floats; and cause poor engine performance, starting problems, increased maintenance expenses and decreased equipment life.

AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer (AST) inhibits the oxidation process that occurs when fuel is stored for extended periods, improving performance, extending equipment life and decreasing maintenance expenses.

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Delivers Confidence

Treating fuel with AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer prior to storing equipment provides confidence. It offers peace of mind that equipment will not only start when it is needed, but will also perform properly.

Eliminates Need to Drain Fuel

Draining fuel from equipment can not only be difficult, it invites corrosion on the bare metal in the tank and drying and cracking of gaskets and seals. Some fuels are pre-treated with oxidation inhibitors that allow them to be stored for short periods without forming excessive deposits, while other fuels have no inhibitors at all. AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer eliminates the need to drain fuel from equipment before long-term storage. It fights fuel deterioration, severely limiting the formation of damaging varnish and deposits to help extend equipment life.

Gasoline Stabilizer Fights Corrosion

Gasoline Stabilizer provides corrosion protection Sea Foam Motor Treatment* can’t match, helping maintain power and performance and keeping metal looking like new even when subjected to salt water.A

Helps Equipment Start Reliably

  • Eliminates the need to drain fuel from equipment before long-term storage.
  • Offers peace of mind that equipment will not only start when it is needed, but will perform properly.

Gasoline Stabilizer Improves Stability

Gasoline Stabilizer provides fuel stability that Sea Foam Motor Treatment can’t match, helping maintain startability and protect against the formation of varnish and gum.B

Seafom versus amsoil salt and rust protection test

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AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer is engineered for use in, but not limited to, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, outboard motors, stern-drive and inboard marine engines, personal watercraft, lawn equipment, chainsaws, snowblowers, portable generators, handheld power equipment, motor scooters, powered farm equipment, powered construction equipment, cars and trucks.

Dosage recommendation

One ounce of AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer treats 2.5 gallons of fuel, including fuel that contains up to 10 percent ethanol.

Before storing equipment, treat it with the appropriate dose of AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer. Let the engine run for five to 10 minutes to thoroughly circulate the additive through the fuel system. Stop the engine and store the equipment in a dry, covered location.

Buy in the Omaha store at 84th & G or use this Online link to the Amsoil sale page if you are outside of the area.

 AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer helps reduce maintenance time and costs by preventing harmful deposits from forming in the tank and fuel system, eliminating the need to clean or replace carburetors after long-term storage.


Product Reviews

Gas Stadilizer

By  Burtrow,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Apopka, Fl  on  January 12, 2024
Very good, especially for small engines. Saves a lot of $ at repair shop.

Vintage Car Care

By  BRAD,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Iowa  on  December 28, 2023
1954 Chevy car. In the fall, as winter approaches, I put the prescribed amount of stabilizer in the gas at each fill. Never know when the last drive of the year will be before the salt is off the roads in the spring.

Stands alone

By  ERIK,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Binghamton ny  on  November 19, 2023
This is by far the best formulation of a gasoline stabilizer available anywhere. It definitely does what it’s supposed to and outperforms all others that I’ve tried. You truly can have piece of mind when using this. I use it in all of my landscaping equipment.

Great for Storing equipment.

By  KC,  a  Verified Buyer  from  USA  on  November 10, 2023
Use it in all my engines before storing it for winter or long periods between use.

Stabilizer for todays gas.

By  Rich,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Virginia Beach  on  April 13, 2023
I use this in my cars that I don’t drive that much because I’m no retired. Recently my wife took our main vehicle out of town and I had to use my Van that has been sitting for several months. The van started right up and ran great just like when it is filled with fresh gas.

Stabilizer a Must
By J&J 1/20/2017

from Arkansas

Keeps engine running smoothly


I will continue to use this stabilizer over any other
By Brian 12/20/2016

Best stabilizer to use, it doesn’t leave Any residue or discolor the tank like other brands (stabile) I use it in all fuels for vehicles and outdoor equipment