We are here to cover every aspect of Omaha’s lubricant needs.

From that old junker you want to use for your winter car or that not so fancy dependable machine to that high performance ride you want to withstand all the punishment it can take.

We are known by fleets as the product that solves problems, stretches life out of that small 2-cycle chainsaw or that delivery van that never seems to fail to that street sweeper that prior to using AMSOIL (grease) it was normal to replace a specific and costly bearing every six months. AMSOIL is the problem solver.

And we have a product for every budget!!

Just as the video says we have:

  • Products for cars of any age or condition
  • Selection based on budget
  • Industry setting 2-cycle oils – OEM equivalents (better on price) and high-performance versions.
  • A whole slew of motorcycle oils, products for ATV and Dirt Bike specific lubricants
  • SEMA recognized fuel additives. Solves and prevents problems in gas, diesel and small engines
  • Marine products designed for warranty concerns yet better performance
  • Industry leading differential gear oils
  • Best transmission fluids available – makes you wonder why you didn’t use them before
  • Racing line of products
  • Whole slew of protectant sprays, penetrants, rust preventors and spray lubes.
  • European spec oils for several performance levels
  • Ford Mustang 100% Synthetic for maximum performance in Track Pack equipped cars
  • Vintage and specialty High Zinc ZDDP oils so you never need an additive for cam protection
  • Diesel Cetane Booster – More power and instant mileage in any diesel
  • The most exact diesel oils for all uses new and old. Dirty diesels or clean
  • The only Nanofiber oil filter for cars and motorcycles that offer full disclosure
  • Cold air intake filters – replace that oil wetted gauze type which doesn’t filter harmful material
  • Coolant booster to enhance radiator effectiveness and warm-up time
  • Quality Mann Oil filters
  • Indestructible compressor oils

The list goes on not to mention constant updates to the product line as supplies and technologies change and as emission requirements change as they are once again soon. We will also see new lower viscosities being issued. AMSOIL is already testing some which won’t be on the market for some years from now.

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