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Editor Notes: I post these so our customers can get a peek inside of AMSOIL’s commitment to excellence. The company knows for us to be successful selling the best American Made products, innovation must continue. Products are constantly evaluated and customer feedback is taken seriously. I will post these as I can. Thank you!! Ches Cain – Synthetic Warehouse – AMSOIL Dealer.

November 2019:

In October we launched new Upper Cylinder Lubricant and a bold claim with it: AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant delivers 18 percent more lubricity than Lucas* and 20 percent more than Sea Foam* for better retention of horsepower and fuel economy.1 This demonstrates a couple key corporate traits: 1. Our products work. 2. We don’t just make claims; we back them up with data. Put simply, our actions align with our words.

I’m writing this message just after my return from the DJ Convention in Scottsdale, Ariz., and I am still charged up from the event. I hope those of you in attendance are as energized as I am, and I hope those of you who were eligible to attend and did not will join us next time. We got down to business while we were there, but we had plenty of fun, too. I enjoyed interacting with all the Direct Jobbers. AMSOIL Dealers are the most committed sales force of any oil company, and I appreciate your hard work.

We discussed the recent policy and program updates at the convention, and several Direct Jobbers shared their appreciation for our efforts to protect and grow the Dealer opportunity. I have been repeating our two main goals all year long: 1. Help Dealers be successful, and 2. Ensure AMSOIL remains strong for many years to come. I don’t just say these things; I mean them. Our actions bear that out and many DJs I spoke to recognized that. The new succession policy is going to help protect the Dealer opportunity and strengthen the company. The 24-store policy for the Retail Program provides much greater opportunities for you, and the MAP policy helps protect Dealers and keep the playing field level. We work every day toward our two main goals and that’s never going to change.

At the DJ Convention I shared my vision for the company and my ambitions for growth. I have set a goal of 8 percent year-over-year growth in volume. Some of you might be thinking that’s pretty aggressive. It is, but it’s very achievable. In fact, we’ve outpaced that more often than not through the decades. From 1990-2011 our compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was 12 percent. Our best year? Twenty-six percent. Over the past four years, however, our CAGR has been insufficient. There’s no reason to worry – we are still growing and the company is very strong. And we understand the business challenges ahead. Corporate growth isn’t just important for the company, it benefits you as well. It provides stability, helping protect the Dealer opportunity. It also increases brand recognition and respect from customers, which makes sales easier. When sales become easier, they become more frequent and you put more money in your pocket.

So now we are pouring everything into making that happen. We’re investing in operational efficiencies, making more impressions with our national advertising and launching a new e-commerce platform that will make us smarter and more capable online. We are doing everything we can to create opportunities for you, but it’s up to you to take those opportunities. Do not hesitate. Make a plan and dive in. I have talked to so many Dealers who didn’t really get their businesses started right away. They hesitated. Many people are afraid to start because they don’t want to make a mistake. Making mistakes is part of the journey to success. You make mistakes, learn from them, modify and success will come. But you have to start.

Your AMSOIL Dealership provides an unequaled opportunity. Use the tools we provide. Get Customer Certified. Take advantage of the Assigned-Customer Multiplier. Put our investments to work for you and you will succeed, the company will grow and so will your commissions.

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Message to the Dealers – From the President
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