TGDI Engine design of present and future

Yes – At the AMSOIL 45th Anniversary Convention the issues of LSPI were presented by a 3rd party supplier to AMSOIL. In summary they told of their long relationship with AMSOIL and how our product is by a long shot the best available. That is reinforced by the fact we are the first and only synthetic motor oil to 100% protect against LSPI..
The API now has a test GF6 which will be forcing lubricant manufactures to address this but they have about a year and it won’t be easy for them as they will have to use more of the true or real synthetic base stock which they are reluctant to use because of costs and issues with profits.

Your vehicles stand an almost certain chance of failure after an oil change using a non-LSPI tested oil (90% of them at the moment) at the moment you accelerate through the first intersection (Low Speed Pre Ignition).. Only products with the enduring testing of AMSOIL will withstand the high compression attributes of these new TGDI and DI engines once they have their ignition advance adjusted per EPA regulations when you visit the dealership for the upgrade.

This new era of high efficiency gasoline engines require you to specify the right oil and not the “Best deal” the lube center suggests. That will cost you dearly.

Here is an article on these engines from Afton Chemical the supplier and trending company (over 100 years old) to AMSOIL. 

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Direct Injection cutaway

TGDI is the Wave of the Present and Future – AMSOIL leads in Protection
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