Save Big the first of the week!

We’re going to repeat it as the last one the word didn’t get out as well. AND the store may be closed more often than not for awhile so PLEASE stop in Monday and get your orders for the year. Big savings for everyone.

Come in February 18th and save big for the year!!

With our big inventory delivery we want to offer you the best deal available on AMSOIL products.

Save 15% to 25% on all AMSOIL products. Also motorcycle gloves will be from 20% to 40% and remaining motorcycle clothing by Olympia will be 70% off.

Stock up now on the products everyone makes a 2nd trip for..

  • Synthetic Water Resistant Grease
  • Diesel Fuel Additives – cleaner, injector lubricant, cetane boost and cold flow additive.
  • Compressor Oil
  • MP Penetrating Spray Lubricant
  • Coolant Boost
  • 2-year supply of oil filters
  • Brake Fluid and our very strong Brake Cleaner spray.
  • Engine Degreaser
  • NEW – ATV Mudslinger Spray
  • Synthetic 2-Stroke oil (several to chose from in several sizes)
  • Motorcycle Oils
  • Severe Gear differential oil – our most advanced product
Amsoil Omaha Location
Amsoil’s office in Central Omaha

Advanced Technology or Simply Devoted to being the Best?

Did you know the wind turbine industry had serious cost and maintenance issues until AMSOIL came along? And at this time 50% of all units are now using AMSOIL??  The total savings is beyond $500,000 for each unit. AMSOIL eliminated gear box failure and frequent oil changes.  There is a major issue in the lubricant industry when it come to exceeding the bare minimums..  AMSOIL can be depended on to get you remarkable results!

Take advantage of this sale to fully outfit your vehicles with the very best and see for your self.  Buy a full case and help a friend or relative discover the merits as well!!

Omaha AMSOIL 4211 S. 84th St.


or call 800-579-0580

Liz is recovering from the cancer treatments and needs rest. So when I can I will be opening the store announced here and on the Facebook Page.  Her improved diet and exercise should have her back to better than before. Please pray with us.

Due to the increased costs in rent in the current location, we are also waiting for a new sub-lease so we can move to a more appropriate location west of 84th and work more efficiently.  If you know of any warehouse locations or good retail deals please let me know.

We thank you for your business as we struggle through these tough times.


If you need product and can’t make it in on Monday:

Call me and we will ship Speedee Delivery from Sioux Falls saving you the sales tax.


Omaha In Store Clearance Sale! Monday Feb 18th
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