Ways to save on AMSOIL in Omaha

Although we have our in house frequent customer discount which occurs after you spend an accumulated $200 over time, this saves you anywhere from 15% to 18% on all the AMSOIL products in the store. We leave a little amount of mark-up to cover our operating costs as expected but that amount is small.

AMSOIL Preferred Customer

But you can save even more and instantly if you wish by becoming one of AMSOIL’s Preferred Customers via our AMSOIL Dealership. This allows you to pick up any AMSOIL product for the membership period which is 6-months or 1-year (like a Sams club membership) at our cost any time (plus 1%) here in the store as your account is tied to us. You can also order online and have product shipped anywhere in the US and Canada at cost too. We have 12 warehouses coast to coast to keep shipping rates VERY low and speedy.
AMSOIL has recently added perks to the program too which include added discounts for referrals, free shipping offers, discounts based on past orders, extended membership time, AMSOIL swag and more.


Additional Perks

And starting in 2016!!  – AMSOIL adds more benefits to enhance the money savings when you join as a Preferred Customer. So in addition to the original “dealer cost” pricing and wholesale (commercial)  shipping rates.

  • Exclusive promotions for reduced freight costs
  • Exclusive product-specific promotions
  • Randomly selected P.C.s receive free gear when they place an order
  • P.C.s earn points on all purchases. Every 50 points is redeemable for $1 off a future order
  • P.C.s earn 500 bonus points for referring new P.C.s or Dealers to AMSOIL
Join Now as a Preferred Customer

Special Note on Preferred Customers who joined under other AMSOIL Dealers:

Active PC’s who signed up through another dealer do not get these deals in our store as AMSOIL requires us to forward commission to the sponsoring dealer thus we lose our commissions and then have to raise the price to cover that. The same goes for dealers to. We are a private AMSOIL dealer and not an AMSOIL INC. location. (sign posted on window at store)
Please call 605-274-2580 if you have additional questions or to join today!

Buying at wholesale cost in the Omaha store
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