Product Overview: AMSOIL Engine Flush

One of my top sellers of course is the AMSOIL Engine Flush but when you take a look at the number of oil changes we sell really only about 15% are adding the flush to their order. In reality at least 75% of all the oil changes that are using AMSOIL for the first time with over 25,000 miles should use it.
Among the many reasons to use a walk-in customer had the following to say:
“My truck  (Ford F-150 non-ecoboost) was using about a quart of oil every 4000 miles or about at 3-months. I used the flush on the last oil change per your recommendation on using it to neutralize acids in order to help the oil’s detergent last longer and low and behold it also stopped from then on using oil!”
AMSOIL Engine Flush – Recommended for any engine with over 25,000 miles (Order FLSH-CN)
Well then this low cost product actually ensures our detergents will last longer by neutralizing the acids which are caused by deposits. It’s designed for all modern seals and gaskets. So it helps you get more out of the AMSOIL motor oils. The flush is also non-solvent based – Non-flammable meaning it’s not harsh on engines and contains nothing different that what is already in our oil – essentially a concentrated form of the detergents and depressants. That also makes it more environmental friendly. The flush helps reduce lifter noise, increases mileage by improving compression. Effectively addresses deposits around piston rings which rob power and cause blow-by. Helps the motor control temperatures. And as we learned – lessons blow-by aiding in better crankcase ventilation.
You want to take care of any deposits early and the volatility of non-synthetics or competitor’s synthetics which are likely to be of the Group III nature can potentially leave deposits in engines which run under severe service. In most applications you only need to use it once but on higher mileage engines which you may not know the history you may find two applications are necessary – meaning one at the time of each subsequent oil change. I can personally attest to that need in my 83 Eagle which was sludged up when I bought it. Slowly using our HDD 5W-30 (high detergent Heavy Duty Diesel & Gasoline Synthetic), flush and our bypass kit (BMK-21), I have improved mileage and oil consumption significantly.
Any car with more than 50,000 it’s a must. Customers do notice a difference. Use approximately one bottle for every 10 quarts of oil.
Amsoil Engine FlushAnd a note on the conditions which will create the need to flush – Omaha winters especially – every time you cut that engine off and the crankcase drops below 60 degrees you are building up moisture in the crankcase. This eventually creates a condition resulting in wear is the motor is not warmed up properly but subsequently deposits as well so we urge you be aware of this and avoid running the engine for less than 10 minutes after the motor is fully warmed on days below 30 degrees. You need to get the moisture out of the crankcase as often as possible.
So if you are not interested in AMSOIL Synthetic Motor oils, still this makes a reason to visit our store. Our flush is unique – it’s not harsh like popular solvent based ones as it contains no flammables. It is mild enough to be used as a transmission flush as well and quite effective. Full instructions are located on the bottle.
Engine Flush – Most Overlooked AMSOIL Product
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