AMSOIL’s 2nd oldest product still raises the most eyebrows!! That’s because the company firmly stands behind the lofty 100:1 in any two-stroke premix motor. It took me years to also trust that number but not only did I follow it with impressive results, I was able to question the lab techs about it in person at the AMSOIL HQ in Wisconsin.

It’s a good sign when small engine retailers send their customer to our Omaha shop for oil for their new STIHL products but for years prior I had several Texas customers swear by it in their commercial landscaping equipment being ran full throttle all day in the Texas heat.

Then at the HQ I learn twice now Southwest Research tested it against the competition (50:1 until the equipment failed)  and ours starting at 100:1 and then later to 300:1 without failure. Yes, if the engine fails while using AMSOIL Saber Pro at 100:1 and it is an oil related failure, they will replace the motor. They do not hide from this!! And your warranties are secure.

The company assures that if you are not comfortable at 100:1 you can rich it up to 80:1 or even any OEM mix ratio if you want but the performance will not be optimum. They also showed the dealers at the yearly training that even at 100:1 the customers equipment will experience less fouling, remain cleaner and last longer. This is because the overall temperatures will be reduced and you can operate at the same speed using less fuel. The evidence is staggering.

It’s a smart choice for owners of Husqvarna, Echo, Stihl, Lawnboy, Homelite and more. It is just as impressive and adds performance to motorcycles, hard ridden dirt bikes and scooters. Some moped owners claim an extra 4 or 5 MPH never reached before.

Another thing to take in consideration is the value. The most popular size is the 8 ounce bottle. This bottle is designed to treat six gallons of gasoline. I recommend 80:1 only because it’s easier to mix so that eight ounce bottle will treat the popular 5-gallon tanks.  Quarts are available which treat up to 24 gallons and a whole quart case treats up to 288 gallons of gasoline!



The gallon is priced even better and treats up to 96 gallons or 80 at 80:1.

And the simple Pillow Packs which treat one single gallon. No mistakes. Popular with ice fishing.

100:1 Synthetic 2-stroke oil in simple 1-gallon treatment squeeze packages.
Saber Pro 100:1 in the pillow packs – Treats 1-gallon of gasoline

Here’s our recently published page on the 2-cycle product.

g1987_saberpro Data Sheet PDF

Just on product performance alone we should see the AMSOIL SABER Professional become Omaha’s #1 best selling 2-cycle oil.

Easy read AMSOIL bottle for 2-cycle mixing
Eight Ounce bottle treats up to six gallons of gasoline.
The Answer to 2-cycle Lawn Equipment Problems – Saber Pro 100:1

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