Diesel Events to Highlight 2017

AMSOIL continues partnerships with the Diesel Power Challenge and Ultimate Callout Challenge.

While we have been hard at work updating and unveiling our new synthetic diesel oil lineup, we will continue our partnerships with some of the top diesel events in North America: the Diesel Power Challenge and the Ultimate Callout Challenge.

The Diesel Power Challenge is a grueling three-day event that tests the mettle of the toughest street-legal turbodiesel trucks. The maxed-out trucks are selected by the readers of DIESEL POWER magazine. Upon arrival they are put through three days of rigorous testing that includes a 1/4-mile drag-strip run, 1/8 mile drag while pulling a 10,000-lb. trailer, sled-pull for distance, chassis dynamo meter tests for horsepower and torque, and a 100 mile fuel economy test.

The Ultimate Callout Challenge is a nationwide callout to owners and builders of the biggest and best diesel-powered hot rods. More than 30 builders put their full blown race trucks to the test with dyno runs that measure horsepower and torque, a 1/4mile drag and a sled-pull for distance. The top diesel builders in the world, including Lavon Miller of Firepunk Diesel, take part in the three-day event.

The growing popularity of diesel vehicles makes events like the Diesel Power Challenge and Ultimate Callout Challenge an unrivaled opportunity to put AMSOIL products to the test in the most severe operating conditions.

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Covered extensively by turbodiesel-market magazines DIESELPOWER and DIESEL WORLD, the Diesel Power Challenge and Ultimate Callout Challenge command the attention of turbodiesel enthusiasts everywhere, creating outstanding exposure for AMSOIL products. Because the vast majority of turbodiesel enthusiasts own trucks and want the best protection for their investments, they present a prime market for AMSOIL Dealers. It’s a great opportunity to join us now as an AMSOIL Dealer. AMSOIL is at an all time popularity.

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Powersports have presented a great road to success for AMSOIL and its Dealers over the years. We are currently involved with numerous events across the country that are tied to racing dirt bikes, snowmobiles and UTVs, but as a company that reaches well beyond powersports, we also have many great partnerships with car shows and tuner and rally events.

One of those great partnerships is with a California-based group of tuner-car enthusiasts called Team Hybrid. Marking its 22nd anniversary on Jan. 7, the team has a knack for showing up at car shows and securing trophy wins amongst heavy competition.

Over two decades of success have not slowed Team Hybrid down, and it kicked off 2017 by adding more than 20 trophies to its overall collection of 4,000.

The team provides both quality and quantity, rolling into the Import Face-Off event in Las Vegas with 32 cars and taking home 12 trophies, including Best Team Overall Quality.

This successful partnership goes beyond the shows and trophies, and the members of Team Hybrid represent our brand and products with great professionalism. Not everything is meant to get dirty like many of our race programs, and Team Hybrid is a great example of that.

Diesel Events to Highlight 2017
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