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The diesel launch is finally here.

We are extremely excited to get these new products out to market. We have two distinct lines of diesel oil that offer great choices for consumers. Signature Series Diesel Oil is a true top-shelf product that delivers what diesel enthusiasts and hard-working professionals want most: protection. With 6X more protection than required,* it is in a league of its own. Then again, AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil isn’t far behind, delivering 4X more protection against wear than required.* Both products offer solutions to numerous degrees in the diesel market.

Diesel technology has evolved to achieve greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, forcing API specifications to evolve too and resulting in the new API CK-4/FA-4 specs released in December. The quest fot greater efficiency and lower emissions is not new, and it isn’t exclusive to diesel. On the gasoline side, manufacturers have employed a number of different technologies designed to make improvements in those areas, including direct fuel injection, turbochargers, variable valve timing (VVT) and more. The side effects of these technologies can have huge implications for motor oil, and they are driving updated API specifications for gasoline applications as well.

We have volumes of data on how direct injection, turbos and VVT affect motor oil and we are constantly tweaking formulations and testing to discover ways to improve protection. One thing is certain: using quality oil and filters is more important now than ever. With industry-premier products and exceptional customer programs, Dealers are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the realities of today’s market.

We sincerely hope that you will. Customers without a local supply of AMSOIL – The AMSOIL Dealership opportunity is truly unique. We are going to share more stories from Dealers in the coming months, and the first Dealers we featuring are Vic and Linda Sorlie. So join up today and read more about the opportunities in future issues of the magazine. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about how Vic discovered AMSOIL and worked with Linda to build their business, and maybe you’ll get some ideas for  your own business.

Editors note – Yes here in Omaha you can earn money as an AMSOIL dealer. Use our store as your supply chain and earn commissions when you set up accounts such as independent lube shops, auto parts stores or motorcycle shops anywhere. There are no limits to the areas you can work. Give me a call at 605-274-2580 and learn more.

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From The Presidents
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