Myraid of opportunities for AMSOIL Dealers in Omaha

Fund your hobby or earn a full time income. 

Omaha or anywhere, we could use good dealers.  Things are so busy between two stores and my online business I wanted to take a moment to spell out how you can help fill the gap. Yes, some great opportunities in so many ways whether  you are the hobbyist or wanting to make some serious life changing money.

What’s available locally?

We have our presence at our store and supply warehouse for walk ins and accounts who buy from us directly but there are thousands of potential commercial accounts one or several dealers could service and set up. AMSOIL more than now offers cost savings to those who operate fleets and equipment, vehicles to manufacturing. Replacement costs and repair expenses are greatly reduced when using our lubricants and fuel additives. The forever goal of the company is total devotion to offering the best possible products to the end user.

There are new standards the API will be requiring which lower the amount of oil pre-detonation in GDI (gasoline direct injection) engines and deposits on the back of valves which AMSOIL is the only one to exceed and prevent much of this before any of the competition has even tried. But once that is enacted you will see all of the competition increase significantly in price or they are now now to make that less visible.  Our fleet OE and Heavy-Duty lines are already better priced than others who claim to be synthetic per the nonscientific definition.

Yes and now the wind turbine industry has discovered this. Thanks to AMSOIL they have cut maintenance costs by a 3rd and totally wiped out expensive ($500K) gearbox replacement costs thus now being a factory fill in these units.  Our local customers experience the same in their fuel and maintenance costs as well.. Total vehicle maintenance costs are cut not to mention our main draw which is the immediate feel of better performance and power to the wheels.

So with all that said there is a major void to be filled switching fleets across the city to AMSOIL and you will be rewarded handsomely for that. Everything that comes through the store via your accounts or should they order direct online, AMSOIL sends you the commissions.

The opportunities are endless and also include retail establishments, installers, auto parts stores and specialty shops. You work with AMSOIL’s retail staff to add to their advertising. It’s a win for all as these products become the #1 requested synthetic.

Fund your hobby

Perhaps you are employed full time or are not retired and just want to pick up a few extra $$??

Here’s an idea that works for many with an AMSOIL Dealership. If  you have a network of friends in your group or even at the office either you sell to them as a dealer or send them to the 84th St. store using your account then you will get the commissions for that sale. That’s the most simplest level but you can take it up a notch by keeping a small inventory in your area of town.  With a minimum amount of activity AMSOIL will list you on the map and the rest grows from there.

Explore more on becoming an AMSOIL Dealer via this page you can use too once you join up!!

Join now and enjoy the free AMSOIL University which goes along with your registration. Help grow the AMSOIL name. Customers drive in from all over so you as the dealer 4 to 100 miles away are certain to have a group of customers glad to see more available supply. We get customers who drive in as far away as Norfolk. But even if you are in Benson, Millard or Bellevue you will find demand.


And here’s my own page on the Dealer Opportunities subject. The possibilities are endless. As a dealer you can sign up no limit of dealers all across the US and Canada.

Income Opportunities with AMSOIL in Omaha
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