AMSOIL Dispensing Equipment Program Provides New Opportunities for  T1-Qualified Dealers

Over the years, AMSOIL Dealers have fought an uphill battle against bulk oil distributors that have the ability to offer equipment programs to commercial and retail accounts. Bulk supply is attractive to these customers because it eliminates waste in the form of empty containers and packaging, declutters work areas by using a central location for lubricant storage and lowers lubricant costs.


More Tools for Dealers

In an effort to provide Dealers with the tools to compete with bulk suppliers, we have partnered with GRACO International to provide industry-leading lubricant dispensing equipment through the AMSOIL Volume Purchase Program. You can use the program to help secure contracts with service centers, quick lubes, bus garages, trucking companies and other installers. Though this co-op program is between AMSOIL and the servicing Dealer, qualified accounts must commit to purchasing an annual minimum volume of 275 gallons of lubricant over a two-year period.

The Volume Purchase Program allows AMSOIL Dealers to meet the needs of new retail and commercial accounts that have previously been reluctant to purchase AMSOIL products. It also works to grow
product volume at some existing accounts from quart and gallon packages to larger bulk packages.

How it Works – Co-Op

Through the co-op program, AMSOIL will subsidize up to 50 percent of the equipment cost while the T1-qualified Dealer is responsible for the balance. This will be automatically deducted over time from the Dealer’s monthly commissions to alleviate up-front, outof-pocket cost. In some cases, retail accounts may purchase the equipment using their co-op credits.

T1-qualified Dealers with retail and commercial accounts that could benefit from the program should contact their regional sales manager.

Familiarize yourself with the AMSOIL Volume Purchase Program. Complete details of how the program works can be found in the Dealer Zone (Business Tools>Literature>Dealer Literature).


  • If you haven’t already, complete T1 Certification through AMSOIL University Online.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Volume Purchase Program.
  • Identify retail and commercial businesses that would benefit from using AMSOIL lubricants with volume dispensing equipment.
  • Contact your regional sales manager about opportunities you’ve uncovered.
  • Talk with decision-makers about the benefits of using AMSOIL lubricants and increasing profits and decreasing refuse and clutter by purchasing AMSOIL in bulk containers.

AMSOIL Dispensing Equipment Program
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