How to work smarter, not harder

Take advantage of the free resources now available to you.

Dan Gorski director, customer service


My parents instilled in me the need to work smarter rather than harder, and my mentors, teachers, bosses and peers have reinforced it over the years. Life is full of change, which often brings opportunities for working smarter. Embracing these opportunities makes life more exciting, and I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I make progress and achieve goals.

Effective in August, we enacted several changes to Dealerships. You now have access to more resources than ever before, many of which offer opportunities to work smarter and achieve greater success. Here are just a few ideas.

Information at your fingertips

Previously, Dealers had to pay $9.95 per month ($119.40/year) for Premium Dealer Zone reports. These reports, especially the Dealer Dashboard, help Dealers more effectively manage and monitor the health of their businesses. On the surface, the dashboard provides updates about new customers, sales to personally sponsored customers, info about Dealers & Preferred Customers who are due to renew and other summarized data.

Dealers can also “drill into” any section of the dashboard to see greater detail and find opportunities to better serve customers or identify potential problems before they arise.

For example, it’s easy to identify new customers or customers who are buying more than ever before. Maybe you’d like to send them a thank-you note to show you appreciate their business. You can also identify customers who are buying less than they have in the past. Maybe you’d like to contact them to see if anything is wrong and if there’s anything you can do to earn back their business.

You can also see your customers’ product purchases. This can help you identify other AMSOIL products they might find helpful. Providing product recommendations can help with customer retention while expanding your personal earnings.

The dashboard is also an easy way to monitor accounts with net-30 credit terms to ensure they pay their invoices and you receive commissions for their orders. Dealers should also monitor tax-exempt status for customers to ensure their certificates remain up-todate. These are just a few examples; there are many other ways to use and benefit from the information available in the dashboard reports. Click the Dealer Dashboard icon in the Dealer Zone to see for yourself.

Free training

All Dealers now have free access to the training materials available in AMSOIL University (AU) Online. You can access an assortment of videos, webinars, presentations, courses and other training resources. This information helps new Dealers establish their businesses while providing valuable education for experienced Dealers. The topics range from technical, product and application training to customer service, sales, program information and more. Resources are added weekly, so check back frequently to stay up-to-date. If you’re a new Dealer, start by enrolling in the T1 Certification program. Click the AU Online banner in the Dealer Zone to get started.

Interact with fellow Dealers

All Dealers also have access to the AMSOIL Dealer Forum in the Dealer Zone. The forum is a convenient resource for Dealers to ask questions or share ideas with other AMSOIL Dealers. Many of the regular participants are highly experienced and successful. This makes the forum an excellent resource for relatively new Dealers who need some encouragement during their Dealership’s infancy. It’s also great for experienced Dealers who want to expand into new markets or experiment with new sales or marketing ideas. Click the Dealer Forum icon in the Dealer Zone and check it out.

Everything you need to know

The Knowledgebase is another excellent resource. With all the programs, products, sales methods and other opportunities available to you, running your Dealership can present a few questions. The Knowledgebase houses answers to frequently asked questions – plus plenty of unique questions – and helps you find the answers you need. Again, log into the Dealer Zone and click the Knowledgebase icon.

I’ve talked about only a few of the resources available to help you achieve higher levels of success. Now it’s up to you to do the smart thing for your business by logging into the Dealer Zone and taking advantage.

Dealer Training Resources for AMSOIL Dealers
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