Don’t Forget the AMSOIL Grease!!

Years ago before the gear lube and all the engine oil innovations of late, the AMSOIL grease was totally revamped jetting us well ahead of the competition. Partially this was because the suppliers had shown HQ that all the other lubricant companies cut back on grease quality to invest more into other lines. But at the same time new technology became available no one else was willing to pay for. That’s where AMSOIL is different. They only buy the best additives and never base it on cost. They also will work with the supplier to take the chemistry a step further and at the present time AMSOIL’s staff is known for that thus the leader in the wind industry..

So of all the testimonials I hear back from fellow dealers and customers the gains from using our grease still remains the greatest when discussing actual dollars saved. This is due to the large scale market grease effects from million dollar machinery to tens of millions in assembly line production such as a parts factory in Detroit.

An Inexpensive Game Changer

Just a 35 pound keg of grease may replace three times that used prior from another brand so just $1’s worth of grease may extend the life of one of 100 $80 bearings three times longer.  So that minuscule increase in price for the grease may help the maintenance crew save $8000 over the same period of time. I’ve heard cement plants to truck drivers express the shock that a grease could make such change in the bottom line.

I had a local rent-all company who rents various trailers to contractors with their equipment go from several trailers on the side of the road annually to none at all just using our cheapest multi-purpose grease.

AMSOIL training showed us that there many greases which are similar but one of the issues where they take it further is two areas. #1 corrosion resistance and #2 shock resistance or pound-out. This ability is caused by a function of a lattice weave which the inner molecules attract each other forming a screen over the main lubricant within the grease. That is the polymeric property within..

Many Grease Products to Choose From

Here in my shop I push the Water Resistant Grease (GWR) for most applications as it’s basically just an upgrade to the multi-purpose. But the NLGI#2 Truck Grease (GPTR2CR) is the best seller.  There are 13 blends of grease if you count the Assembly Grease (not on this main Grease Page).

So both in the Omaha store and Sioux Falls store I keep all the varieties.  For larger containers or packaging please call ahead 402-933-3902..

The Forgotten Product – Grease
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