1975 59-WOW AM Air Check with Erik Foxx

While not AMSOIL Related, this is Omaha related. I wanted to get up as I didn’t have time to format a Youtube video just yet.

After all these years!! Delighted to find this in my email this morning. My dad found and thanks to Omaha radio legend Carl Mann – it was cleaned up and digitized. These are the airchecks leading up to the 1975 Omaha tornado. Live on 590 WOW-AM. Quite tense leading up to the actual hit but unfortunately the tape ran out right when the tornado hit.  Still today it’s one of the most costly tornados in US history.. But it’s nice to relive his professionalism behind the mic at the old WOW studios in the Channel 6 building.



He said –

Unfortunately the tape ran out JUST as it hit the city..so my best work is gone for ever.

Omaha 1975 – Erik Foxx Airchecks Tuesday Afternoon May 6th 1975.


1975 Omaha Tornado Aircheck