Take advantage of this OMAHA AMSOIL location. Anyone who joins us as a dealer can use our store to add a side income without interfering with their present income or schedule. You may ask how can anything like that be so simple??

Well basically there are several levels one can take their AMSOIL business. The easy one which is what you can do here in Omaha is a rare opportunity for anyone who likes to promote great products yet make some money doing so. Basically as we have the supply here, anyone who’s an AMSOIL dealer can use the leverage of the store and our marketing to sign up accounts. As a dealer you earn a bonus from any retail establishment, independent automotive or lube center, or any commercial business who uses AMSOIL in their vehicles by simply getting them to make available AMSOIL products in their business or use them within their fleet. All you have to do is direct them to the store and register their information with corporate through your account.  There are over 20,000 opportunities here locally.

Basically when they return for product to our store or you deliver, you earn a significant bonus from AMSOIL. Some dealers have hundreds of these accounts. You also help spread the knowledge about AMSOIL which makes it easier to sell.

This sample of our unique 2-sided flyer we can provide will help you accomplish this with the installer end.

Capture Accounts for your AMSOIL business

AMSOIL is spending millions on advertising and we are seeing incredible increases in demand. AMSOIL is also helping market with co-op display shelving and their corporate installer locator meaning any local retail accounts you have will be listed on the AMSOIL corporate website. As for installers the AMSOIL “OE” line of motor oils competes directly with other synthetics on price allowing the customer to have a better choice. Market studies show that younger customers would rater choose an independent oil over the larger corporate choices and AMSOIL has the highest trusted scores. The “OE” line also allows for better profits for these shops as well.

Other reasons to join us as a dealer is your option to sell directly to anyone. The local Omaha store allows you to stock for your area w/o any shipping burdens. Outskirts such as Blair, Bellevue, Elkhorn, Fremont, Plattsmouth, Council Bluffs and anywhere else you may live or work can be a plus for your home business as customers want product when they need it so together we can eliminate delays.

So basically if you sign up multiple accounts you can service them or you can direct them to the store. We can take care of all the processing so you get your bonuses as they buy.

How to join as a dealer?

Just follow this link to be part of the Omaha AMSOIL store and we’ll discuss the opportunity right away! Only a $30 membership to get started and you can start earning sales commissions immediately as you secure new accounts.

AMSOIL Brochure regarding Income Opportunities and programs for dealers.

As I write this I just proofed our new local Omaha TV ad set to appear on the FOX-42 channel. We also advertise regularly on KFAB and a couple other related stations. It’s our goal to make AMSOIL a household name in the Omaha area!! It’s a great time to join us as a independent AMSOIL dealer now.

Find out more on our main dealer page (and a newer 2nd one is being designed now).

AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ches Cain
Call me any time to discuss at 605-274-2580 or 402-933-3902

AMSOIL is also stepping up already excellent support and AMSOIL U on the road as well as online.

Become an AMSOIL dealer
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