Bypass the Snowblower Follies

I bought this snowblower two and a half years ago under the assumption that it was on it’s last leg. The guy I bought it from had no clue about maintenance and thought he was ditching a lost cause. Thanks to AMSOIL I was able to halt the damage and solve a couple potential problems.

Snowblower life extended thanks to AMSOIL

Sludge and Deposits Are Common But They Don’t Have To Be

I watch my neighbors struggling to get their snow-blowers started – Mine is no longer a chore to get it going and before it had awful oil consumption. The owner likely just topped it off with oil although it’s one of the easiest pieces of equipment I’ve ever had to change oil on.

It was so black and thick I doubt it was drained in years. I drained it (totally black) replacing it with AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Commercial grade small engine oil 10W-30 synthetic (ASE), ran the Quickshot through the tank a couple times (had ethanol in it no doubt), used stabilizer over the summer and cleaned the intake w/ Powerfoam. – Now it starts on the first pull all the time. Started no problem at Zero deg. F yesterday and the oil level is still on the money. (Three oil changes now). Very likely deposits had formed in the rings. The Powerform and good detergent/despersant oil had the ability to increase the compression and reduce consumption.

AMSOIL is key to ensuring long lasting small engines
Stop in to the Omaha store and protect your equipment today!! Cheaper motor oils and ignoring fuel maintenance reduced dependability greatly on these small engines.

Ask about the Powerfoam for all your small engines and carbureted motors. Even if you use 10% ethanol you need to use quickshot. A little goes a LONG way and solved severe fuel problems. Avoid repairs and downtime.

Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Small Engine Oil Quickshot®

New Life for Tired Snowblower
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