Omaha Synthetic Warehouse Location

Serving the Region Conveniently Just Off I-80.

We are just south of the interstate on 84th St. When you exit I-80 just make sure you are in the left lane! After the “F” street intersection you will hang a left in front our our shop which is just south of Wendy’s.  We are in between H&H Chevrolet and I-80.. It doesn’t get any more central than that!

I updated the maps on the website to help people find us more easily. It’s the first thing people ask when they call. We opened in the spring of 2014 at this location and it’s been growing steadily but the #1 remark from customers walking in has been, “I drive by all the time and didn’t realize you were here.” So we have been reaching out using all the advertising resources within our budget as possible,. It is a tremendous task but we know once people try AMSOIL they never go back!!

I actually timed my drive from the NE side of Council Bluffs to here and it was exactly 20 minutes. I also timed our drive from Elkhorn in moderate traffic using main roads (not Dodge) which was about 22 minutes.

Amsoil Omaha Location
Synthetic Warehouse – AMSOIL Dealer & Supplier of Omaha. Open to the Public.

Omaha Synthetic Warehouse

4211 S. 84th St.
Omaha, NE 68127

Everything under one roof!

Not only Synthetic Motor oils for cars, diesels and motorcycles but specific blended lubricants for ATV/UTVs, snowmobiles, marine, lawn and landscaping equipment, a whole slew of transmission, hydraulic and gear oils, metal protector and penetrating sprays, famous 2-cycle oils, compressor oils, industry leading greases galore including specialty grease for  heavy-duty off road equipment, farm equipment, and racing. AMSOIL also has everything you need to keep your fuel systems in check, diesel, gasoline, octane boost, stabilizers, intake cleaner and Ethanol stabilizer.

And our filters are the best available! We spec out parts from the best manufacturers then assemble them all into one! All warranty secure!

Our top three best selling non-motor oil products are:

#1 Severe Gear GL5 Differential Fluid – built for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb! Stops thermal runaway in hard working diffs!!
#2 SABER Professional 2-cycle oil – Built for professional landscapers and woodsmen who depend on their 2-cycle equipment lasting past their expected life under heavy use. At 100:1 wear and deposits are significantly less than the OEM oil of the expensive gear. See the tests!
#3 Diesel Injector Clean (and lubricant) – Improves mileage and life of expensive injectors notably. Saves diesel owners thousands in fuel costs and injector repair,

So we hope you drop by and have a look!~

In a hurry? In the area but don’t have time to look around? Stop in and grab a catalog. We discount the catalog pricing too.

See you here!

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