AMSOIL Clearance Shelf in our Omaha Store

Yes, just as you enter the store the 4-sided rack to your right in the center of the isle is packed with great deals.

While we have off-season items here I like to feature in season items as they are usually non-motor oil products which you buy under a different brand not knowing we carry our own version as well.

Also I sell below cost products which are discontinued due to an upgrade or re-labeling. They gotta go so we can keep our shelf space full of current items.

All clearance items will have pricing which is same or better than membership pricing!! So when you see it there, that’s the best time to stock up!

Currently we have the Low Toxicity Antifreeze, the CVT Fluid and Gasoline Stabilizer on this shelf.

Omaha AMSOIL clearance Shelf

Omaha’s AMSOIL Clearance Shelf – Best Buys so you can Try