Every other day we’re seeing one or two new customers in the store. Most of them say the same thing, “We are big fans of AMSOIL so you don’t have to sell us on the quality. We know it works!! But how long have you been here? Three years now? Well I drive by all the time and this is the first time I noticed.”

So there you have it. People LOVE AMSOIL! Omaha loves and needs AMSOIL but we want to expand. So I ask if you could help us spread the word it will help us remain. Also we can have our products in stock in any automotive service center or independent auto parts store. Actually any retail center can carry AMSOIL. We need more outlets. It should be a household name like our competition and it is in many cities. But of course our heart is here in Omaha and we want AMSOIL products more convenient for our customer. We could use a sales person but just spreading the word is significant. So if you know of a friendly mechanic who wants to add to his customer base pass along the information and we will send customers his way!!

Events such as car shows, fairs or trade shows etc where you need vendors let us know.

Ches Cain 402-933-3902

P.S. For the motorcycling season we are deciding to add motorcycle technical wear and gloves ASAP. Stay tuned for that announcement and more.

Spread the Word About the Omaha AMSOIL Store
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