The AMSOIL motorcycle oil line is over-engineered to provide protection in the most severe circumstances. Any quality oil will enhance performance to a degree where the rider will notice right away. Things which alert our customers attention is easier start-up, smoother and freed’-up idle. Noticeably smooth acceleration especially under loads and higher RPM. And of course the lack of clutch fade when the oil starts to get to the end of its service life. With AMSOIL you will not experience clutch fade.

We now carry a number of products from 20W-50, 10W-40, 20W-40, 10W-30, SAE60, Special supercross spec dirt bike oils in the 40, 50 and 60WT lines. And our ATV lineup which also has specific products for Polaris.

Products for all makes are specified on the bottles. The more popular ones are also available in gallons.

If you work on bikes or own a service center stocking AMSOIL is a must. If you believe in the quality of your own service nothing will support or compliment your work as AMSOIL will. It’s the product used by the pros. Even Eric Buell requires any shop selling his bikes to have AMSOIL on hand as other oils actually resulted in poor performance per his own words.

Amsoil protects air cooled engines under intense heat
Harley motor under intense heat test – no cooling!

 Torture test:

Are you ready for the summer heat?

AMSOIL’s Central Page on Motorcycle Oils – datasheets and more data

All products are in stock on the Omaha store.


Your bike should never get this hot. If it does, AMSOIL has you covered.
Your bike should never get this hot. If it does, AMSOIL has you covered.
Protect you motorcycle from blistering heat

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